Discover next-generation fitness tracking with the Myzone Switch. This is the world’s first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water. You can wear this fitness tracker on your wrist, arm or chest so that you can comfortably track your exercise, no matter your movement. The device automatically switches between ECG tracking when on your chest to PPG tracking when on your wrist or arm for accurate results from different body parts.

Wear your belt during exercise to earn MEPs and track exercise! Reward your effort and embrace a competitive edge to achieve and smash your fitness goals.


  • The MZ-Switch connects to your phone and cardio machines.
  • Wearable on chest, arm or wrist for ultimate comfort, usability and convenience.
  • Live stream your heartrate to measure performance and push your limits.
  • Wearable on wrist for non-gripping, repeatable movements, and swimming.
  • Wearable on forearm for better accuracy for non-gripping and repeatable movements. *Not suitable for swimming.
  • Wearable on chest for gripping activities including HIIT training and functional movements. This will always be the most accurate location for all activities except swimming and other activities in the water.
  • The MZ-Switch holds a charge of 2-6 months with regular use and care (up to 40 hours exclusively on the wrist, 140 exclusively on the chest)
  • Choose from global challenges or make your own.
  • Connect with others with Myzone to compete and measure performance.


  • ECG tracking on chest
  • PPG tracking on wrist and arm
  • Waterproof up to 10-meters
  • Up to 36 hours of memory
  • Wrist and forearm Strap Accuracy: 95% PPG accuracy
  • Chest Strap Accuracy: 99.4% PPG
  • Box Dimensions: 152*68*55mm
  • Weight: 0.24 kg
  • Wrist strap - 220mm
  • Armband - 340mm
  • Bluetooth and Ant+ compatibility
  • Connects to Apple or Android watches
  • Warranty: Straps = 3 months; Module = 12 months
  • To wash: remove the module and machine wash or hand wash the strap. Air dry only
  • Frequency Ranges – 2.402-2.483Ghz
  • Necessary bandwidth – 50 MHz
  • Permissible interference - <60dBW>
  • Battery Life – Exclusively worn on chest – 140 Hours / Exclusively worn on the arm – 40 Hours
  • Includes a Myzone branded plastic Module, a Myzone branded cloth strap, a Myzone branded wrists strap, a Myzone branded arm band, and a Myzone branded recharger

MyZone Switch